I am proud to launch my new website courtesy of myRaceprofile.com. Finally I can show off my racing activities and achievements to my Fans and Sponsors. I will be updating my website with lots of photos, results, events and blog updates to keep everyone up to date with my racing!

I can do cool things like show gallery

Or list my next events

11 – 13 January

National Championship Round 1

New South Wales
Friday – 11 Jan
8:00AM Practice 1
9:15AM Practice 2
2:00PM Qualifying
Saturday – 12 Jan
12:00AM Race 1
Sunday – 13 Jan
8:00AM Race 2
2:30PM Race 3
1 – 3 February

National Championship Round 2

Saturday – 2 Feb
2:00PM Race 1

And as always, a big shoutout to my sponsors!

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